What do British Boarding schools offer?

Education at a private British boarding school, for a period chosen by the family.

A safe, beautiful, native English speaking environment, full day, every day and at weekends.
Superb preparation for entrance exams to any UK or European university and for English language exams.
„24/7 Full Immersion” in the English language – ie. native English teachers, classmates and English speaking residence arrangements.
Full boarding and residence at the school, many activities and sports to choose from in the afternoons and at weekends!

What course lengths can I choose for my child?


„Taster Course”

5 weeks

This course is ideal to experience life at a British boarding school and to facilitate a huge improvement in your child’s English. He/she will join the daily school routine and benefit from the many advantages of school life: their English skills, vocabulary, speech, writing and confidence will strengthen through classroom study in the mornings and sports and activities in the afternoons. Your child will live at school with native English speaking students, in a safe, warm environment and share a bedroom with 1 or 2 other kids of the same age and sex. He/she will be immersed in the English language all day, everyday. At weekends there are great trips and special programs suited for their age group. They will have fantastic experiences and make new friends. The course normally runs from early June to mid-July, which is when the UK school year ends. It is also possible to go at other dates, please contact us to discuss. Ideal ages: 11-18

One Term

3 months

Spending a full term at a boarding school will result in a significant improvement in your child’s English skills, including spoken, written and reading. They will have sufficient time to get fully involved in school life, develop friendships and new social skills. They will be encouraged to participate in the many activities the school offers, some of which will be new and exciting experiences which will stay with them once they return to their home school. Starting dates are September or January or April each year. Ideal ages: 13-18

2 Terms

6 months

Spending 6 months at a boarding school is a great choice and a big step towards mastering English and deepening the experiences of a 3 month stay. In most cases the student can still rejoin their class at the home school, though some extra exams may be required. Starting dates are September or January each year. Ideal ages: 13-18

Full year

Spending a full school year at a British boarding school is the experience of a life time! Not only will your child have superb English and a host of other great communications and exam taking skills, they will also have a major advantage when applying to any university in or outside of Europe. Ideal age: all secondary school years, except the very last.

Two years

Ideally this is a 2 year course which ends with British A level exams or the International Baccaraleurate (IB). This is a smooth path to any university in our outside of Europe. Ideal age: last two years of secondary school.

Foundation Year and University Application

Many children who finish secondary school do not immediatley want to progress to university and need time to work out their next steps. At this point spending 6 months or a year at a British school, focusing on subjects of their choice and improving their English will benefit them greatly.
Our network of experts can advise on the best Foundation courses aswell as the process to apply to European,UK, US, Canadian or Australian universities.
With 25 years of experience behind us we will help you select the best school to suit your child! We offer a choice of over 200 schools in England, Scotland and Wales!

years of experience




Springboard was set up so non-British children may also easily access a native English speaking environment and high quality, motivating teaching.

Please get in touch with us by phone, email or by completing the online form!

We will “meet” you in an online video chat, understand the family’s expectations and tell you about the options available.

In this meeting we will go over the most important questions, such as the duration and timing of the study trip, your child’s personality, hobbies, favourite subjects. Based on these we can suggest schools to which we propose to submit the applications. We will discuss tuition fees and possible bursaries and how best to fit in time in the UK in the student’s current studies. This meeting usually takes about an hour, is always free of charge and free of any obligations to you.

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As of February 11, 2022 travel to the UK will become much easier.

For those fully vaccinated: no testing or quarantine requirements upon arrival.

For the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated a pcr or later flow test is required within 2 days of arriving in the UK. Quarantine is required only if positive result.


Children arriving for less than 6 month’s stay can do so without having to request a visa beforehand. They will receive a visa on entry, for this they will need their passport and a confirmation letter from the school about their studies.

Student travelling to the UK to study for longer than 6 months will require a Child Study visa. They will have to apply for this in advance of their travel. The school and our team can advise with the application.