„I spent one year at my school in York. We chose this school with my parents because it is strong in music and has a great choir. On my first day I was very homesick, but in the evening I went into the small kitchen in my boarding house to drink hot chocolate with my room mates and from then on I always had company😊 My spoken English is now super strong as are my essay writing skills and my singing, too! I would love to go back again if I was given the opportunity!”

(St. Peters school, 9.évfolyam)

I went to England for one term and loved every single day! The lifestyle is quite surprising at first, but then you get used to it and really, really like it. In addition to the compulsory subjects I could select super interesting other subjects like psychology, business management – I really loved this one – and you aren’t bored after school, because there is wide range of activities to choose from. There is for example football, gym, zumba, yoga and all sorts of outdoors sports. Regarding the food, I did not have high expectations, but I really enjoyed the full English breakfasts (even the fried tomatoes!) and of course the fish ’n chips dinners! And my English improved tremendously!”


(Box Hill school, Year 11.)

I loved the thematic way of learning at the English school. We even prepared a video film in a small group as part of the extra activities, which I really enjoyed. I made many English friends and also some from other countries and practiced and improved my English in the classroom and during weekend trips, too.

15 years old

I was very impressed with my son’s fluency in English upon his return home! 😊”


father living in Budapest

„Together with my family we had planned that I would go the UK for two terms, but after only six weeks I knew I wanted to stay longer. The teachers are much more understanding and students are important to them. Class sizes are small and in each subject to are allocated to a group suitable to your level. This way classes are interesting and „achievably difficult”. I made a ton of friends from different countries and there is always something happening and no-one is excluded.”

(Cobham Hall)

„I loved my uniform! It was great not having to think in the mornings what you will wear that day! Of course, everyone changed in to their own clothes after school, at about 3.30 and then went out to do sports or other activities. I played a lot of tennis, went to the gym and loved to bake in our kitchen! I really, really enjoyed my time at „Pock”. My English became very strong and I also grew more independent during my time at the school – this made my mom very happy when I returned home after my term at the UK school!”


(Pocklington school, Year 10.)

“The 5 weeks my son Adam spent in England were a much richer experience than we had expected. In addition to the great classroom teaching there were several programs in the afternoons and weekends which he enjoyed immensely. He felt the world opened up to him and he loved every minute of it.”

mother living in Budapest

I loved to see everyday life at an English school, the teaching methods are wonderful! And it was great that my English improved without having to work at it!

15 years old

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