This course is ideal to experience life at a British boarding school and to facilitate a huge improvement in your child’s English. He/she will join the daily school routine and benefit from the many advantages of school life: their English skills, vocabulary, speech, writing and confidence will strengthen through classroom study in the mornings and  sports and activities in the afternoons. Your child will live at school with native English speaking students, in a safe, warm environment and share a bedroom with 1 or 2 other kids of the same age and sex. He/she will be immersed in the English language all day, everyday. At weekends there are great trips and special programs suited for their age group. They will have fantastic experiences and make new friends. The course normally runs from early June to mid-July, which is when the UK school year ends. It is also possible to go at other dates, please contact us to discuss. Ideal ages: 11-18

The main difference between a Taster course and the Summer camps is this: At the Taster course 85-90% of kids are native English speakers and your child joins the last few weeks of the normal school year. The Summer camps are organised for non-English speakers and the programs are intensive in English but overall have a more relaxed, “summer” feel. Both types of programs take place in super safe school environments with native English speaking teachers and staff. (We offer a large selection of Summer camps, too).

Application: we meet the student and parent (or both parents) in a video call and based on our discussion will recommend 2-3 Taster course options. We will try to ensure there are no other students from the same country in your child’s class (unless of course friends would like to travel together). We will organise the full application process and you will be able to reserve your child’s place at the selected school by paying a deposit directly to the school. The course fee is payable shorty prior to the travel date. Our consultation fee is 150 euro.


  • Full English Immersion – all day, everyday and during weekends
  • 24 hour supervision, very safe environment
  • Your child will live and attend school with their own age group
  • Every afternoon and at weekends there are plenty of sports, activities and trips to choose from
  • All meals are healthy and buffet style
  • European kids miss 1 or 2 weeks max. at the year end from their native schools
  • We take care of the full application process


“I made many English friends and also some from other countries and practiced and improved my English in the classroom and during weekend trips, too.”

15 years old

“I was very impressed with my son’s fluency in English upon his return home!”

father living in Budapest

“The 5 weeks my son Adam spent in England were a much richer experience than we had expected. In addition to the great classroom teaching there were several programs in the afternoons and weekends which he enjoyed immensely. He felt the world opened up to him and he loved every minute of it.”


mother living in Budapest

“I loved to see everyday life at an English school, the teaching methods are wonderful! And it was great that my English improved without having to work at it!”

15 years old