2023 spring and summer camps in the UK

For 8-20 year olds

The 5 week „Taster Course”

Ages 12-17: This course is ideal to experience life at a British boarding school. The student joins the daily school routine and will benefit from the Total English Program. They will live at the school campus with students their age and sex and participate in all school lessons and after school activities. Their English will improve fast and they will experience an international enviroment. The course normally runs from early June to mid-July, other dates are also possible please call +36 30 635 9190.

Summer Schools– Intensive English and some academics:)

For ages 12-17: Summer schools are based at the boarding schools in the months of July and August and in addition to Engish tuition offer a variety of thematic courses for a wide range of interests. Full board and accomodation is at the school with 24 hour supervision in a beautiful, safe environment. All students study with their peers and share rooms with students of the same age and sex. Further information on +36 30 635 9190


Ages 8-20: We offer a huge selection of intensive language camps during Spring brake and June, July, August, all located at beautiful, safe schools and with native English speaking teachers. You can choose betwenn 2,3,4,5 and 6 week courses and a wide selection of afternoon sports, activities and school trips. Further information on +36 30 635 9190

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Springboard was set up so non-British children may also easily access a native English speaking environment and high quality, motivating teaching.

Please get in touch with us by phone, email or by completing the online form!

We will “meet” you in an online video chat, understand the family’s expectations and tell you about the options available.

In this meeting we will go over the most important questions, such as the duration and timing of the study trip, your child’s personality, hobbies, favourite subjects. Based on these we can suggest schools to which we propose to submit the applications. We will discuss tuition fees and possible bursaries and how best to fit in time in the UK in the student’s current studies. This meeting usually takes about an hour, is always free of charge and free of any obligations to you.

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